I’m Moving!

I haven’t updated in a while, because I’ve been busy behind the scenes. Long story short, I’m rebranding – all my future colouring books and other art will be published by L.J. Knight, rather than Tigerlynx. While I do still like my old alias, I’ll be moving into other areas with my art in the future where it won’t be the best fit.

I’ve just started publishing second editions of my colouring books under the new name. Mostly though, this is just a cosmetic change, and the main parts of each book will stay the same. This will probably take several weeks, so my books are still selling under the Tigerlynx author name for now. UPDATE – 25 July 2018: I’ve now republished most of my books as second editions, and the final remaining title (Easy Doodle Abstract) should be available in August. You can see my new author page on Amazon here.

Otherwise, I’m carrying on as normal, with lots more colouring books planned, as well as wall art and a new Zazzle store. I won’t be updating this site any more, but you can stay up to date on my new website at ljknightart.com. I’m also ljknightart on all my social media (I have the same accounts as before, so no need to re-follow if you’re already following me) – links will be on my new site also.