Adult Coloring Book Treasury 2 – Now Available!

Adult Coloring Book Treasury 2Back in March, I was part of a collaborative colouring book with 54 other artists, called Adult Coloring Book Treasury. I’m super-excited to announce that I’m part of volume 2 as well, and it’s now available to buy 😀 This one is even bigger, with 130 illustrations (the last book had 120), this time from 70 artists. As before, it’s being sold at cost to keep the price as low as possible.

Many of the artists from the first book are in book 2 as well, and there are also lots of new artists. There’s a great mix of styles and subjects, and the difficulty level ranges from fairly easy to challenging, so there’s something for everyone. A book like this is a perfect way for colourists to discover new artists, and for people who are new to colouring to get started. The back of the book lists bios and online information for all the artists, so it’s easy to follow up with the ones you like. I’ve just ordered my copy, and will post some photos when I get it.

My own two submissions are from books that aren’t out yet. The first, Happy Mandalas, will be available in August. The second is from my upcoming abstract drawings book, which I’m hoping will be ready in September.

You can buy Adult Coloring Book Treasury 2 from, and the other international Amazon sites. For more info on all the artists, visit the official Treasury book website (this will be updated with the second book soon).

Volume one is here: |

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