Another Mandala Colouring Book – Getting Started

After completing my Easy Mandalas colouring book last month, I was feeling a little burned out. So I thought I’d take a break from mandalas and work on other things for a while. But I must be a glutton for punishment, because as I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve just started another mandala book 🙂

This one will have very simple designs (even easier than the last book), since it’s aimed at complete beginners to colouring. I’m enjoying it too, since I’ve had a short break, and I’m also working on an abstract (non-mandala) book at the same time, so can I switch them up when I need a change.

Very Easy Mandalas Colouring Book - work in progress

I’ve completed all 50+ preliminary sketches, and am now starting to create clean vector versions in Illustrator. You can see how rough my early sketches are from the screenshot. With the mandalas that I create digitally, the initial drawing is just to quickly get the basic idea down, so it doesn’t have to be accurate or look pretty (the drawings for my fully hand-drawn mandala book, coming next year, are a different story – those things take forever!).

I’m not sure exactly when this book will be done. Since the designs aren’t complex, I should be able to finish it fairly quickly. So it might be out by the end of the year, or in January if not. It depends how lazy I decide to be over the holidays 😀

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