Black Page Mandala Book – WIP

I’ve been working on a black background version of my Easy Mandalas colouring book. Here’s a work in progress screenshot:

Easy Mandalas black page book - work in progress

I must admit, this is taking more time than I expected. It needs a lot of tweaking to adapt some of my existing designs to a white-on-black format (it’s not as simple as just inverting the colours – if only ­čśÇ ). It would probably be faster if I was doing new designs from scratch. Still, it’s all good fun, and I hope to have it done within a couple of weeks.

I’m quite excited about this one. I’ve seen coloured-in pages from black background colouring books, and they look great. The dark background really makes the colours pop. If all goes well, I might do black versions of future titles too, if it works with the designs.

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