Book 3 Almost Ready and Mini Colouring Books Coming Soon

A couple of updates on the colouring book front:

I’ve now finished all the images for my third colouring book for adults. Now I just need to assemble the interior file and do the cover. It’s always exciting to get to this stage 🙂 I expect the book will be ready in two or three weeks, allowing time for ordering and checking the physical proof copy.

Also, I’m planning to do a series of mini colouring books. These will be around 5×8 inches, which is a good size for carrying around so you can colour on the go. Some of these will have the same images as my full-size books, although a few of the designs may need to be simplified a bit so they work at a smaller size. I may also create some titles with new images that are designed specifically for this format. Anyhow, the first will be a mini version of my first book Geometric Patterns. That should be out around the end of this month, or early March.

Finally, I’m planning my first colouring book for kids. Although adult books are my main focus, I enjoy creating simple, cartoon-type images, and these are a good fit for colouring books for younger children. So once the two books I mentioned above are out, I’ll be working on book one of my kids’ series, as well as book four in the adult range.

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