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New Shutterstock Video Portfolio

I’ve been uploading some short motion graphics clips to Shutterstock, where they can be licensed on a royalty-free basis. They’re available in HD 1080 format, as well as smaller sizes. So far I just have […]


Deep Orange Sunset

This is a photograph of a beautiful sunset, with a cloudy sky in rich orange and bronze/brown tones.


Pebbles On The Beach

This is a photograph of two pretty sunlit brown and grey pebbles on the beach, surrounded by other stones.


Evening Sun With Cloudy Sky

This is a photograph of a dramatic sunset, with dark brown clouds surrounding the bright orange setting sun.


Blueberries On The Bush

This is a photograph of a cluster of blueberries growing on a blueberry bush, in various stages of ripeness.


Orange Flowers

This is a photograph of a bright orange wildflower, with a soft-focus lilac purple background.


Dandelion Clock

This is a photograph of a fluffy white dandelion seedhead, also known as a dandelion clock.


Blue Nigella Flower

This is a photograph of a sunlit blue Nigella flower, surrounded by spiky green leaves and grass in the background. This flower is commonly known as ‘love-in-a-mist’.


Clover Flower

This is a photograph of a white and red clover flower with deep green leaves, taken from above. It has been processed slightly to give a softened effect.


Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet

Photograph of a dalmatian jasper bead bracelet that I made several years ago.


Pink & Lilac Seed Beads

This photograph shows tiny pink rocailles in shades of pink and lilac.