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Colour Palette #7 – Purple Kaleidoscope

This colour palette features a range of purple and coral pink tones, and is derived from one of my digital kaleidoscope designs. See more colour palettes here.


Colour Palette #6 – Blue Nigella Flower

This colour palette features a selection of yellow-greens and rich blues, derived from this pretty photograph of a sunlit blue Nigella flower. See more Colour Palettes here.


Colour Palette #5 – Black Swan

A beautiful black swan is the inspiration for the fifth in my series of colour palettes. The colours include a selection of grey-blues, with deep red and mauve from the beak. See more Colour Palettes […]


Colour Palette #4 – Blue Bead Bracelet

Number four in my new colour palette series is this selection of blue, green and yellow hues, which are reminiscent of a sunny day by the coast. The colours are picked from this photograph of […]


Colour Palette #3 – Orange Flowers

Number three in my series of colour palettes is this striking photograph of bright orage wildflowers, against a soft green and purple background. The colours in this palette are a vibrant mix of orange, pink-red, […]


Colour Palette #2 – Blueberry Bush

Here’s the second in my new series of colour palettes. This one is called ‘Blueberry Bush’, and features a mix of vibrant blue, green and purple tones. See more Colour Palettes here.


Colour Palette #1 – Bronze Sunset

Here’s something new for this site – I’ve started making a series of colour palettes, for colouring inspiration. I’ve been meaning to do these for a while, and have finally got around to starting ­čśÇ […]