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Blue Green Turquoise Bubbles Pattern Fabric

Blue Green Turquoise Bubbles Spot Pattern Print Fabric This fabric from my Zazzle store has a cute random bubbles / spot pattern in shades of turquoise, blue and green. You can customise the fabric by […]


Orange Red and Yellow Spot Pattern Fabric

Warm Bubbles Orange Yellow and Red Spot Pattern Fabric This is a cute spot design fabric from my Zazzle store, with different sized yellow, orange and red spots in an irregular pattern. The fabric is […]


Orange and Black Feather Mandala Pattern Fabric

Orange and Black Mandala Pattern Large Print Fabric This is a bold fabric print, with an intricate orange mandala motif on a dramatic black background. The mandala has a feather effect towards the edges. If […]


Stylised Retro Floral Pattern Fabric

Pink, Purple and Green Retro Geometric Pattern Fabric Blue and White Geometric Abstract Retro Pattern Fabric Here are two fabric designs with a stylised retro-inspired floral motif. The first has bright pink, purple and green […]


Purple Diamond Quatrefoil Pattern Fabric

Purple and White Diamond Quatrefoil Pattern Fabric This customisable fabric design from my Zazzle store has an original twist on the classic quatrefoil pattern, with a white diamond lattice and lilac circles surrounding the cloverleaf […]


Green and Blue Mandala Pattern Fabric

I’ve been adding quite a few new designs to my Zazzle fabric store lately, and have decided to post about them on this site as they’re created. So this is the first post in the […]


My New Zazzle Fabric Store

I mentioned in my previous post that I was opening a new store on Zazzle, just for fabric. It’s now ready, just about (Zazzle’s indexing process is being a bit slow at the moment, so […]