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Cute Cartoon Kawaii 2017 Solar Eclipse T-Shirts

I’ve been making some new t-shirts. Here are a couple for the upcoming US solar eclipse in August 2017 – a cute kawaii design with smiling sun and moon. Versions are available with and without […]


New Christmas Designs For 2015

I haven’t done many new seasonal designs this year, but here are three for Christmas – a cute kawaii Christmas pudding, a colourful Christmas tree, and a cartoon snowflake mandala with trees and Christmas stockings: […]


Cute Kawaii Christmas Pudding T-Shirt

It’s been a while since I’ve created any new kawaii designs. I love kawaii stuff and have been meaning to do a lot more of it, but other projects kept getting in the way. Anyhow, […]


New T-Shirts on

Some of my t-shirt designs are now for sale on – you can see them here. These shirts are available in women’s, men’s and children’s sizes, and in various colours. Order fulfilment is by […]


T-Shirts Now Available At Pixels, which is my favourite site where I sell my work, is now doing t-shirts. I’ve just finished uploading most of my suitable designs – you can see them here. I’ll also be adding new […]


I Believe In Unicorns Posters

  This is another unicorn-based poster design, featuring a single unicorn graphic and text reading “I Believe”. The black, white and gold colour scheme is editable. The second poster is cream, with three brown unicorn […]


Choose Your Thoughts – Inspirational Poster

This is a text-based motivational poster design with the words “Choose your thoughts wisely, for they are the building blocks of your life”, together with simple green leaf graphics. It is also available in different […]


Do You Care About Your Happiness – Motivational Poster

This inspirational poster reads “Do you care enough about your happiness to deliberately select the thoughts you think?”, and also features cute sun and smiley face graphics. The purple and white colour scheme can be […]


Tranquillity – Inspirational Poster

This is a peaceful inspirational poster, with a cool grey and green colour scheme and the word “Tranquillity” (British spelling) and a simple leaf design. You can select different colours if you prefer, and the […]


Peace – Inspirational Poster

This inspirational poster has a minimal design, with the word “Peace” in white text, above leaf-shaped graphics. The blue background colour complements the text, but the colour scheme can be changed if you prefer. The […]


The Heart Tells The Truth – Inspirational Poster

This text-based inspirational poster features the words “The heart tells the truth. Listen to it.” is an elegant white cursive font, together with heart graphics. The red and white colour scheme can be changed if […]


Happiness – Inspirational Poster

This cheerful pink inspirational poster features the word ‘Happiness’, together with decorative heart, sun and smiley face graphics in bright yellow. The colour scheme can be changed, and it is also available on greeting cards […]


Clean Up Your Thoughts – Motivational Poster

Thoughts are powerful. This inspirational poster is a reminder to choose your thoughts deliberately. It reads: “You clean your house, take showers and brush your teeth. But do you ever clean up your thinking? Don’t […]


Habits – Motivational Poster

Life is easier when you have good habits in place. This purple inspirational poster reminds you of the importance of habit, with the text “Make your habits work for you, and you will succeed’, together […]


Choose Ease – Inspirational Poster

Take it easy with this cool-toned inspirational poster in grey, white and green. The text reads: ‘Life does not have to be a struggle. Choose ease’, with cute sun, sunglasses and smiley face graphics underneath. […]


Listen To Your Heart – Inspirational Poster

This pretty inspirational poster design features red hearts on a white background, and the words ‘The heart does not lie. Listen to it’ in an elegant cursive font. The colour scheme can be changed if […]


Confucius Quote – Motivational Poster

This inspirational poster has a quotation from Confucius: “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”. This elegant design has white text on a purple background, and gold […]


Leonardo da Vinci Quote – Motivational Poster

This elegant inspirational poster design features a quotation from Leonardo da Vinci: “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must […]