Coming Soon – Abstract Mandalas Colouring Book

Here’s something that wasn’t planned – my next colouring book!

This will be called Abstract Mandalas Colouring Book, and will have fifty original mandala art designs. Although I was intending to create a mandala book with more detailed designs than my earlier titles, I wasn’t planning to do it just yet. But I was feeling a bit under the weather recently, and needed a break from my main project (my kids mandala book – also almost finished). I started drawing these in Illustrator, just for fun, and once I got going it was hard to stop 😀

Unlike my earlier mandala books, I drew these 100% digitally, just using my tablet. Normally I sketch my designs out on paper first. So it was a different kind of process, but I’m really happy with how they’ve come out.

Here are a few sample images:

Abstract Mandalas Colouring Book by Tigerlynx - preview images

Most of the designs in this book are of a similar difficulty level. There are a few that are easier, and more complex, but mostly they’re moderately challenging. I think it’ll be a nice complement to my two earlier mandala titles, Easy Mandalas and Simple Mandalas, and a good choice for adults who want something more intricate to colour.

So, now just I need to compile the book interior and do the cover. I’m hoping the book will be live within a couple of weeks, depending on how long it takes to get the proof copy. Once this is out, I’ll finish the kids book, then will move onto a couple of new titles (abstract and sweary) that aren’t mandalas. I love making them, but it’s really time for something different 🙂

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