Coming Soon – More Mandalas & Easy Abstract Book

Time for a quick progress report – I’m currently working on my next two colouring books. One is an easy mandala book with extra-thick lines, and the other is easy abstract drawings. I’m just finishing off the mandala designs and hope to submit the book by the end of next week. This book will have quite simple designs, on a similar level to my other easy books, but the lines will be thicker. This will make colouring easier for people with vision problems or other issues that can make it difficult to colour designs with thin lines or small spaces. And it’ll also be good for kids or anyone else who likes easy designs.

The second book is easy abstract drawings – I have completed sketches for about half of these, so there’s still a way to go there. I’m not sure exactly when this one will be done, but hopefully within a couple of months. After that I’ll be doing flowers, animals and positive words, although I’m not sure I’ll get them all done this year. But I’m excited about releasing a new book that isn’t mandalas ­čśÇ

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