Easy Doodle Abstract Colouring Book Now Available

I’ve now finished my latest colouring book, Easy Doodle Abstract! 😀 It’s available to buy in paperback from Amazon, and in digital PDF format from Etsy.

Easy Doodle Abstract Colouring Book by Tigerlynx

This book has 30 hand-drawn abstract illustrations. As the title says, they’re all designed to be easy to colour, with relatively thick lines and large spaces. This is a good book for beginners, as well as for kids, and for colourists of any age or level who enjoy colouring easy designs. The larger spaces are also good for practising patterning, blending, shading and other more advanced techniques.

Easy Doodle Abstract is different in style from my earlier books, because it was drawn on paper, rather than digitally using a tablet. As a result the lines have a more natural look, but are not so ‘perfect’, so it may appeal more to those who like the hand-drawn style.

As with all my books, it has single-sided printing, and all the drawings are 100% original. There are also some bonus sample designs from my other books at the back.

You can view all the illustrations in Easy Doodle Abstract here, or see it on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (it’ll also be available on all the international Amazon sites soon). If you prefer a printable version, see it on Etsy here. It’s also selling at low intro price until 7th October, then it’ll go up to it’s permanent higher price.

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