Easy Mandalas Black Page Colouring Book Now Available

My new book Easy Mandalas Black Page Colouring Book is now available to buy.

This is a black background version of my earlier book Easy Mandalas. It has the same basic designs, but most have been modified quite heavily to work in this new format. The black background really makes your colours stand out, and like the other books, you can use pencils, markers, gel pens etc. Metallic pens look especially good with the dark background too.

The book was actually published on Friday, but unfortunately there’s a slight hitch with availability on Amazon.co.uk. Normally new books are ready to buy within a few hours of publishing, but it’s taking longer than expected on the UK site. This is a system-wide issue, and not just a problem with my book. I’ve been told it should be there by the 13th. In the meantime, UK buyers can order via Book Depository on Amazon UK, just not from Amazon itself. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon!

To see previews of all fifty images in Easy Mandalas Black, click here. And you can find it on Amazon.com here.

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