Free Colouring Pages For Adults

I’ve just tidied up the free colouring pages section for my site, and finally had time to add thumbnails. You can see the free images here.

There are currently three free images available to download. These are in JPG format, and each page is 8.5 x 11 inches. They can also be printed on A4 paper.

Two of the images are from my first two adult colouring books, Geometric Patterns and Easy Mandalas. The other is a pattern image that I made for Geometric Patterns, but ended up leaving out due to lack of space.

My plan going forward is to add one free image from each new book I release. There’ll be another page added soon, since my next book should be out within a couple of weeks. I’ll also do extras occasionally.

The images are free for personal use only, and can be shared so long as the copyright text at the bottom remains intact. If you share, please credit Tigerlynx as the artist, and link back to

Happy colouring ­čÖé

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