Geometric Patterns Colouring Books – New Versions Now Available

My first colouring book, Geometric Patterns, has now been revised, and the new version is available to buy on Amazon. The mini version of this book has also been updated, and as before, features travel size versions of the designs in the larger book.

So, what’s new with this version?

It still has 50 pattern designs, and about 1/3 are the same as before. For the others, I’ve made some (mostly minor) modifications to the designs. They’re still similar to the originals, but the full size book first came out over a year ago, in October 2015, and since then I’ve learned a lot more about what makes a really good colouring page. While I’m proud of the first version of this book, there were a few aspects I’ve been wanting to improve. So I’ve made some changes, and now feel like these designs are as good as they can be.

Geometric Patterns Colouring Books by Tigerlynx

In addition, I’ve vectorised all the images. This means the lines will now be even smoother. The originals were JPG images, and while the print quality in the original book was very good, these new vector versions will be as smooth as possible. This brings Geometric Patterns into line with my later books, all of which have vector illustrations.

So, that’s what has changed. The new version of Geometric Patterns is the same price as before, and it also has bonus pages with sample designs from my other colouring books. You can see previews of all the images here, or buy the book on or (it’s also available from the other Amazon sites too).

For Geometric Patterns Mini, click here to see the previews, or get it on or

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