It’s Been A While…

… since I updated this site! But I’ll be updating more regularly now (at least, that’s the plan 😀 )

I’m aware that some things are broken, like the slideshow in the Gallery. I’ll be revamping the site this year, with a more up to date theme that includes a built-in gallery with better features – so the glitches are temporary.

Speaking of the gallery, it is very out of date and doesn’t include my latest images. Although I’ve neglected this site, I’ve been very active with adding new designs on my POD stores, as well as producing more stock graphics. You can see these at Zazzle, Cafepress, Skreened, Fine Art America (POD) and Pond5 (stock) – links are in the sidebar on the right.

I do want to have my entire portfolio on my site eventually, but keeping it up to date is pretty time-consuming, and not really the best use of my time right now. But I’m starting a new section in this blog called ‘Latest Designs and Products’, where I can quickly post examples of some new stuff in the meantime. You can see it here.