My Next Colouring Books

Since publishing my Geometric Patterns colouring book a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on the follow up. The next title in my Peaceful Mind series of colouring books for adults will be a mandala book. I actually have enough rough sketches done for almost two more books, and I’ve decided to split them up. The first will be easy mandalas, aimed at beginner and younger colourists. These are simple designs with large spaces that aren’t difficult to colour in. The second book will have more complex designs for those who like a lot of detail. The easy mandala book should be out in the first half of next month.

The mandalas I’m creating for those two books are digital versions of initial pencil drawings. I take a sketch, scan it and import it into Illustrator. Then I redraw a single segment using my tablet, and mirror it digitally, so the end result is perfectly symmetrical with nice clean lines. However, I’ve also started experimenting with hand-drawn mandalas, where the whole thing is done on paper, with no digital editing other than basic clean-up to remove smudges etc. These are a whole other ball game. Drawing symmetrically is hard! Well, it is for me anyhow 😀

Here’s an example:

Hand drawn mandala for colouring

I wasn’t sure about doing a whole book of these. I’m so used to perfect-looking digital mandalas that I thought this would be too wonky and irregular. But after discussing it with some fellow colouring book artists, I’ve come to realise that there’s actually a demand for this kind of hand drawn design. So I’ve decided to do some more, and eventually publish them as a hand drawn mandala book, separate from my digital designs. It’ll be a while before that comes out though. I can only work on these for so long before I start feeling a bit brain-fried 🙂 But it’s a nice change from staring at a computer screen, and I’m looking forward to completing it.

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