New Category – Featured Items

I’ve just passed the 10,000 products milestone in my Zazzle store, and I’m adding more new quality products almost every day. I’m looking forward to getting to 100,000 😀 I’m also building up my store on Cafepress, although at a slower rate. And then I’m developing outlets on few other PODs too, as well as getting into stock image licensing.

So with all these new designs and products, it’s easy to lose sight of what I’ve already done. For that reason I’ve decided to add a new section to the site, where I’ll highlight some of my favourite existing products and designs. I was going to call it ‘Design of the Day’, but realised I probably won’t be consistent enough to post something new every day. So I’ve just called it ‘Featured Designs & Products’ instead. Catchy, I know 😉

The archive page for the Featured section is here.