New – Extra Easy Fun Mandalas Colouring Book

Time for another new book! This one is called Extra Easy Fun Mandalas Colouring Book For Kids. You can get it in paperback from Amazon, and as a printable PDF from Etsy.

Extra Easy Fun Mandalas Colouring Book by Tigerlynx

This book has 40 mandala illustrations, which are digitally drawn and designed by hand. Most of the designs are abstract, along with a smaller number of flower mandalas. As the name suggests, these designs are very simple – this is my easiest mandala book, with very large spaces, and fairly heavy lines, making it suitable for very young children. It’s not just for kids though! Anyone who likes very easy designs may enjoy this book, and the large spaces in these mandalas make them perfect for using as templates for filling with tangle patterns and similar types of doodling.

As with all my books, it has single-sided printing, and all the drawings are 100% original. There are also bonus sample designs from some of my other books at the back.

You can view all the illustrations in Extra Easy Fun Mandalas here, or see it on or (it’ll also be available on all the international Amazon sites soon). If you prefer a printable version, see it on Etsy here.

I’m also working on a very easy flower mandala book, which I’m hoping to finish before Christmas, so I’ll post more about that soon!

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