New Fabric Store Coming Soon

I’ve been on Zazzle for a few years now, and my Tigerlynx store is quite large, with over 23,000 public products, and a wide variety of design styles. I’ve always liked having everything in the same place, rather than juggling lots of smaller stores as some do.

However, I’ve recently decided to create a new Zazzle shop, Tigerlynx Fabric, for fabric only. I’ve become a lot more focused in my design interests this year, and am putting most of my effort into colouring books, pattern design and wall art. That’s not to say I won’t do anything else. I enjoy making t-shirts, cards and occasionally other things too. But that’s more for fun, and when it comes to business, I like having a narrower focus. It’s less stressful, especially considering the huge product range that Zazzle is offering these days. It would be impossible to keep up, even if I wanted to. So a small store, dedicated to fabric and pattern design, will be more manageable.

Another reason is because Zazzle has made some internal changes which make it harder for large stores to rank well in their marketplace. So having a small niche store will be better in that respect.

I’ll still be adding products to my main shop when I feel like it, but going forward, I expect the bulk of my Zazzle activity to be in my fabric store. I’ll post a link on here as soon as it’s ready.