New – I Love / I Heart Designs

I Heart / I LoveI’ve decided to add some ‘I Love xxx’ designs to my Zazzle store. OK, these are hardly original, but they’re fun, and people like them, so why not 🙂 At first I started putting these in a separate store (Slogan Gift Shop – now defunct), but decided it would be easier to have them in my main store with all my other designs.

I won’t be going through every term in the dictionary, just topics that fit in with the themes of my shop (mostly animals, metaphysical, holistic lifestyle and seasonal subjects, visual art, music, nature and patterns). As well as pure text designs, I’ll be adding some with images – cartoon animals and that kind of thing – and versions with both black and white text.

I only have a few at the moment, but will be adding more as time goes on.