Next Colouring Book Is Almost Done

Work in progress, nearly ready…

Colouring book work in progress screenshot, by Tigerlynx

Today I’m finishing off the interior file for my second colouring book, Easy Mandalas. Then I just have to do the cover, order a proof copy to check, and it’ll be ready for release 🙂

I’m excited about this one. While I’m proud of my first colouring book Geometric Patterns, this next book was created using a more organic process (the mandalas all began as sketches on paper), and I feel like the images are a better reflection of my own style.

I also saw Geometric Patterns in the top 100 on Amazon UK in the adult colouring books category. Now, you don’t have to be a huge seller to rank in subcategory lists like these, but it was still a nice feeling 😀 Thanks to everyone who has bought the book so far, and I hope you’ll like the next one too.

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