Next Colouring Book Update

I’ve been a bit quiet on the colouring books front lately, so thought I’d post an update. Since my previous book Through the Kaleidoscope came out early last month, I’ve been working on my next title, called Happy Mandalas. I actually started this one back in March, and have worked on it on and off, with breaks for the books I’ve created in between. Why the delays? To be honest, whereas all my other books have had a smooth creation process from start to finish, this one has had more ups and downs.

It began as a very easy book for kids, with a mix of cute cartoon and abstract illustrations. But as I developed the designs, they became more complex than I originally planned. They’re not difficult, but not super-simple either. So I’ll be positioning it as an all-ages book, for both kids and adults who like easier designs. Another change I’ve made is that rather than have 50 images, with an equal mix of cartoons and abstract designs, it’s now going to be cartoons only, with 30 designs (the abstract ones will go in a separate book, which will be a sequel to my Abstract Mandalas title). I decided to do it this way after realising that people who like cartoons won’t necessarily like the abstract images, and vice versa. Personally, I like books with a mix of styles, but I need to consider the market too.

Work in progress colouring page by Tigerlynx

So, most of the designs are done in rough form, and I’m in the middle of getting it all tidied up – a stage which is taking longer than I expected. I get hung up on getting all the little details just right. I’m not going to try to estimate exactly how much longer it’ll take, as that never goes to plan ­čÖé But I hope it’ll be done by the end of the month.

I’m happy with how the designs are turning out, but this is one book I’ll be very glad to finish!

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