My Next Colouring Book – What’s Coming Up

After publishing my latest colouring book, Abstract Mandalas 2, I started work right away on the next one. This is a book of easy abstract drawings, which I’ve been planning for a while. Here’s a WIP screenshot of one of the first few drawings. Yes, I’m drawing all those circles individually by hand – no ellipse tool or other shortcuts for this book!

WIP colouring page

This new book will have a different style to my earlier titles, in that it’s hand-drawn on my tablet with variable width brushes for a more natural, organic kind of look. That also means a more wonky look 🙂 so it won’t be as polished looking as my mandala and pattern books. Most of my future non-mandala books will be in this looser drawing style.

Talking of mandalas, I have a few more mandala books planned too. I just enjoy making them too much to stop, although I am going to be focusing more on other topics this year. The new titles will include a book of very detailed designs, an easy book with really thick, bold lines, and a black background book with all-new illustrations. I also want to do black versions of all my books, but right now I’m more interested in creating new designs than reworking older ones.

So, that’s what’s up next. I’m not sure if the abstract book will be finished before my next mandala title. I’m spending more time on it, but these drawings are slower to create. So we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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