Oops I Messed Up – Simple Mandalas Corrected Page

Before I released my latest book Simple Mandalas last week, I spent ages going over every page looking for mistakes. Despite that, one still managed to slip through, and I didn’t notice until I was compiling the mini version of this book yesterday. Image number 41 had a mistake in the design, and a fairly obvious one too. I’ve no idea how I missed it, or even made it in the first place!

Anyhow, I’ve now fixed the error and uploaded a new version of the file to Amazon, so future copies of the book won’t be affected. But if you were one of the first few people to buy Simple Mandalas, you’ll have got the faulty version. Sorry about that ­čÖü

To compensate, I’ve made a downloadable page with this image in JPG format, so you can print off a copy of the corrected version. Click here to download it.

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