Starting My Third Colouring Book

Now my second colouring book Easy Mandalas is published, I’ve started work on the next title. This book is going to be hand-drawn abstract images. Some will have a doodly, Zentangle kind of vibe, but not all.

Because this type of image takes longer to produce than the designs I’ve done for my earlier books, I’m thinking of making the third book a bit shorter – perhaps 30 or 35 images, rather than the 50 I did previously. This will mean I can get it out more quickly, and lower the price a bit too. I haven’t decided yet, as I do prefer larger books… I’ll have to see how it goes.

I’m also doing rough sketches for another mandala book. This one will be very simple designs, even more so than Easy Mandalas. It is aimed at complete beginners, kids or people who want designs with large spaces to fill with their own designs. It’s possible that this book might be ready before the abstract one – not sure yet. But both of them will be available early next year.

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