I Heart Suitcase Fusion

I’ve recently started using the Suitcase Fusion font management software, and really like it so far.

I’ve tried free font management solutions in the past, but never really got along with them. But I’ve been doing more text-based work lately, and my font collection has been growing. Scrolling through the default list in Photoshop or Illustrator when trying to select a font was getting very tedious, and I knew it was time to bite the bullet and find a good font manager.

Suitcase Fusion lets me organise all my fonts into folders with subsets (perfect for a neat freak like me!), and makes it very easy to search for fonts by various attributes, as well as to preview them. Plus it comes with a plugin for Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign (but not After Effects, disappointingly), so I can easily find fonts using my own sets in those programs. There are some other extras too, like Font Doctor, which finds and fixes font problems.

Anyhow, I don’t have time to write a detailed review right now, but I plan to (I’ll also be reviewing some other stuff that I find helpful in my art and design work). But I recommend Suitcase Fusion to anyone who works with fonts a lot and needs a way to keep them organised and accessible.