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Cute Brown Kawaii Bear

Cute Kawaii Bear Cartoon Tshirt by TigerLynx This is a cute vector illustration of a kawaii-style brown bear. It has wide-set eyes, blushing cheeks and a smiling expression.


Cute Chocolate Kawaii Cupcake

Cute Kawaii Chocolate Cupcake Bibs This is a cute chocolate kawaii cupcake / muffin design in brown, with colourful sprinkles and a sweet smiling face.


Flamingo Silhouette

White Flamingo Silhouette Bird by TigerLynx Black Flamingo Silhouette Bird iPhone 5/5S Case by TigerLynx This is an original hand-drawn flamingo silhouette design. It is available in both black and white versions.


Cute Pink Kawaii Bunny Rabbit

Cute Pink Kawaii Bunny Rabbit by TigerLynx This cute vector kawaii bunny design is a pastel pink colour and has wide-set eyes and blushing cheeks. It is also available in pale blue.


Cute Cartoon Mouse

Cute Mouse Cartoon Bibs by TigerLynx This is a simple vector illustration of a cute cartoon mouse, with a round brown body, beady black eyes and a curly tail.


Yellow and Black Heart

Yellow, Black and White Heart Canvas Bag This tote bag has a heart design in black, white and yellow. It is also available in other colours.


Spring Flowers Illustration

Spring Flowers Birthday Card This customisable birthday card features a brightly coloured vector illustration featuring green grass, yellow and pink flowers and a bright blue sky.


Halloween Night Sky

Halloween Night Sky Silhouette Keepsake Boxes This is a vector Halloween design, with silhouette houses under a deep orange sky. In the sky is a full moon, bright stars, and cute silhouetted Halloween bats.


Fuzzy Yellow and Green Sunburst Stripes

Fuzzy Yellow Green Sunburst Stripes iPhone 5 Covers This is a sunburst stripe design with a difference – it has an eye-catching fuzzy effect that makes the lines seem to blend into each other. The […]


Night City Skyline

Night City Skyline Skyscraper Silhouette Greeting Card This is a cute vector illustration of a city skyline at night. The skyscrapers and other buildings are in silhouette, and a bright crescent moon and twinkling stars […]


Hot Pink & Black Chevron Stripe

Hot Pink and Black Chevron Zigzag Wallet This wallet has a trendy zigzag chevron stripe design in hot pink and black. It is available on many other products also.


I Love Black Mustaches

I Heart / I Love Black Mustache Espresso Mugs This is the first of a number of mustache designs that I’ve added to my Zazzle store over the last few months. The black mustache is […]


Blue & White Retro Circles

This is a vector illustration in blue and white, with retro-style circles and swirls.


Purple Retro Circles With Swirls

This is a vector illustration featuring an urban retro circle design in pink and purple colours, with swirly elements and a gradient background.


Swirly Black Kaleidoscope Mandala

This is a four-sided black vector kaleidoscope with a complex swirly shape. The background is a yellow gradient that is customisable on most Zazzle products.


Black & Yellow Bold Floral Kaleidoscope Mandala

This is a simple vector kaleidoscope design with a black floral pattern against a yellow background. The background colour can be changed on most Zazzle products.